Hostel Facilities
The college offers hostel facilities including food and lodging for the boys only.The hostel campus area is 7.2 Acres with One adjacent Playground, One Volleyball Hard Court, One Basketball hard court, Gymnasium, Internal Library, Internet Surfing Lab, Indoor Game facilities, Guardian Guest Room etc. The capacity of four-stored hostel is 114. The distance between college & hostel is less than 1 km. College high-speed 100Mbps internet is also distributed in hostel. Six number of Live IP camera are covering the hostel area to make it ragging free
 Amenities In The Hostels
The entire hostel has common room for watching TV and for reading newspapers and magazines. Facilities for indoor and outdoor games are also provided in the hostel. Arsenic free water treatment RO plant is running for the boarders
 Hostel Administration
The administration of the hostel is supervised by one of the hostel Superintendent and hostel monitor who is nominated from the students. The Hostel and Mess of the hostel is run by a Hostel Committee consisting of Hostel Superintendent, staff member and students.
 Admission Procedure
Due to limitation of seats,Very few students can be accommodated strictly by first-cum-first-serve basis as well as considering the distance between the home and the institute. However, this is subject to change from time to time. Students/guardians are requested to contact with the hostel superintendent regarding this.

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