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Hostel Administration
Hostel is controlled by an autonomous committee known as Mess Committee or Hostel Committee from admission to the development of the Hostel. The president of the committee is the Principal of the College. He indirectly controls the management and welfare of the Hostel by the direct intervention of the Hostel Superintendent. Hostel superintendent takes the suggestion and intercept the problems of the students from senior boarder(s) who act as the representative of the hostel boarders, called Hostel Monitor. All the hostel boarders co-operate Hostel monitor to maintain discipline and healthy living inside the Hostel premises..

Hostel monitor has the administrative privilege and legal rights to act as the representative of the Hostel in any government offices. Hostel Monitor itself is a volunteer service and no wages is paid against the service. The Hostel Mess is self-paid mess and paid by the Hostel boarders. An only staff for cooking and serving is provided by the College Authority. The Mess headed by Mess- Secretary is run by third year hostel boarders supported by remaining hostel boarders. There are two mess secretaries and two accountants for the purpose of management. All marketing and management is done by 3rd year boarders on the basis of weekly rotation. Two of 3rd year boarders will do the marketing and management of mess for a week, the two are called as Mess Manager. There is also a lot of in-charge from 3rd year boarders who used to take care to the all-around maintenance of the Hostel.

All the service is volunteers and representatives are selected on the basis of interest which helps them to groom their extra-curricular activities. All the hostel boarders work together under the leadership of the Hostel Monitor .All the problem is resolved in a meeting headed by the Hostel monitor, called as GB (General Body Meeting)

Hostel Super : Debraj Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Textile Technology, Email : [email protected]
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